Reversi online educational game

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  The game Reversi is a turn-based logic game, which is played on a chessboard and its goal is to have at the end more stones than your opponent has.  

Rules of the Reversi (Othello) Game

  • The game Reversi (Othello) is a desk game for two players, played on a chessboard of 8 x 8 fields with stones of two colors.
  • Players are placing stones of their color on a chessboard so as the just positioned stone and another stone of player
  • Bonus for winning' will be added to your score for the win in the game Reversi, 'Bonus per 1 stone acquired' will be added to you for each stone and you will get 'Bonus per 1 second remaining' for each remaining second.
  • If, in the game Reversi, you lose, draw or the time determined for the game runs out, no points will be attributed to you.
  • You will get the information on scoring and bonuses before the start of each game Reversi.
  • You can exit the game Reversi at any time and scored points will be recorded in the top players

  • The victory in the game Reversi or scored points do not imply any financial or other prize. The win is not legally or otherwise enforceable.

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